The learning-and-teaching dance between you and your therapist

I have been working very hard on my website the past few weeks, learning soooo much as I go along, learning by trial and error but also learning from my web designer.

I realised yesterday how my journey to mastering WordPress is similar to my clients’ journey to mastering ‘Feeling the Freedom’.

There are a lot of things my web designer did for me, and there are a lot of things I did myself (the whole content but also some basic design bits), and there are a lot of things that she showed me how to do and a lot of things that we did together (deciding on colours, widgets, add-ons, fonts, and of course the logo).

But I want to talk about all the things she did that meant I could carry on on my journey to mastering WordPress.

  1. She gave me some tools. ‘Here is how you do x, and the more you practise, the easier it will get as it will soon become second nature.’
  2. She provided me with solid methods. ‘Here are the steps to achieve y.’
  3. She believed in me and my own abilities and resources. By showing me or telling me how to do x, y and z, she showed me that she believed in me and in the fact that I could do it all by myself when she wasn’t around.
  4. She supported me. She was always there for me if I needed help with remembering how to do something or with doing something new. It gave me the confidence to carry on using the tools and perfecting my use of them.
  5. She empowered me. By doing 1., 2., 3. and 4. above, she made me feel like I could do it all by myself, now and in the future. Yes sometimes I get it wrong, but rather than asking her for more help, I first look for solutions myself – and she is the one who has made me feel like I have the power and confidence to do that.

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