The Tapping Temple™ (face to face)

The Tapping Temple, EFT with Laetitia

A few weeks ago, I announced that my online Tapping Temple was back.

But my muse had other ideas…

My soul and my body have been telling me repeatedly since then that, ‘Nope, that is not it.’

‘The Tapping Temple is coming back, for sure, but this time FACE TO FACE.’

‘In our new home.’


So I’m now preparing for this.

I’m asking the Universe to support me in my vision and as I plan to open this special and sacred space to my new community on the September New Moon, on Friday 15th September. Except I don’t work on Friday evenings, so it will be on Thursday 14th September! The New Moon will be in Virgo, and in shamanic astrology the Virgo archetype is the Priestess.

It couldn’t be more fitting.

I have just under 6 months to prepare for this new offering.

Some may feel it’s far too long to ‘prepare’.

Some may say, ‘You don’t need to prepare, just do it NOW’.

But for me, it’s all about the SPACE as well as the OFFERING, and I won’t be in my fullest expression until I’m in the right space. And that space will be in our new home near Malmesbury.

I just hope I’m not jinxing things by announcing it so early, when we don’t even know when we will ‘exchange’ on the house.


My intention is for this to be the SIGN that I’m ready and therefore our new home will be ready for us by mid-August at the latest, giving me a whole month to get the Tapping Temple space ready.

In the meantime, I offer one-to-one EFT/tapping sessions as well as IEMT sessions, both face to face near Malmesbury on Wednesday mornings (from 5th April) and online (now!).

I offer other kinds of sessions too. Click here to see all my offerings, especially if you want to experience EFT and if you are looking for a powerful session to release anxiety, stress, overwhelm, anger, sadness, or the emotional consequences of a traumatic event.

Pictured above with me: my wonderful friend Amanda @goddessliberation

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