Taking EFT/tapping to a whole new level

Priestess in Temple

I have known for some time that I am a Priestess.

I would say since around August 2021, when I started studying shamanic astrology, but maybe it’s even since way before that, when anything to do with Egypt was calling me so strongly that I started wearing my key of life and cartouche again, which were presents from my grandparents when they went there in the 1980s, and I just felt different deep in my core and cried whenever I watched or read anything about Egypt – totally unexplained tears, tears of remembrance perhaps… Not that priestesses only come from Egypt, but I made the connection straight away when I learned that the Moon was in Virgo when I was born, and that the Virgo archetype is the Priestess…

Arguably, I have been a Priestess for many lifetimes. Though consciously and intellectually I’m still not sure where I stand with the soul and its earthly journeys, I feel this so deeply nonetheless. Just hearing the word ‘Priestess’ come out of my astrologer’s mouth back in August 2021 sent shivers down my spine and created bursts of joy in my heart as I recognised myself in that archetype in so many ways. It wasn’t an intellectual comprehension – it was a full-body experience.

Then some time late 2021, I suddenly came up with the words ‘Tapping Temple’ as I journaled (I think – I can’t quite remember!) Then it didn’t leave me alone.

The Tapping Temple has been calling me for over 18 months and has had two iterations already (one general, one for writers specifically).

It’s only last week that I saw what it was really about and how I should hold it and present it to the world.

And at the moment, every day, I get a new piece of information and guidance as to what I really want it to look like. (Why I didn’t receive ALL the information in one go in 2021 is beyond me! Perhaps because I wasn’t ready…)

This vision of doing EFT/tapping with a LOT of women in the same space, which came to me in January 2020 during my Sacred Money Archetypes® training, is suddenly accelerating (to find out your top three archetypes, take the quiz here).

Over the past few weeks, I have been doing a course by Elayne Kalila Doughty called ‘Answering the Call’.

Today, I’m starting her ‘Temple Guide Training’ 4-month course, so that I know how to lead my Tapping Temple and how to tell you all about it. I know deep down I can’t lead it in the way it deserves and YOU deserve until I have learned a whole lot more.

And I’ve finally found the right person to help me and guide me.

Over the next 4 months, as we prepare to move again, into our final home hopefully, I am also going to prepare my Tapping Temple energetically and will tell you more as I feel into it and learn about guiding temples.

I have led many circles, with Amanda @goddessliberation and by myself – Full Moon Women’s Circles, mother-and-daughter circles, women’s circles, tapping circles – but I know that TEMPLE is what I am here to lead – a deeper form of circling, an even more sacred way of being in circle, and one that fits my values too. And I can’t wait to share it all with you over the coming months and years!

My vision is for it to be live and face to face, but ALSO to have an online element. Once I have figured this out, I will let you know how you can join us, even if you don’t live near Malmesbury, Wiltshire.

Yes, there are ways of leading temples online too, and I’m going to learn how to do this too.

My biggest vision is that it’s not just going to be about tapping/EFT and releasing unwanted emotions and feelings – though of course it will be about that too! My biggest vision is that I am a Transition Priestess and I will lead all sorts of temples for my community, for everyone experiencing a transition – menarche (first period), motherhood, menopause, marriage, first house, grief after losing a loved one (including a baby, including miscarriage), new job/career/business, weaning your baby after breastfeeding (one of the hardest transitions for me as a mother), your child experiencing a transition (for example, from one gender to another, from one specific gender to non-binary, from childhood to teenagehood), and many more.

EDIT: So much so that, when I woke up on 29th March 2023, the day after writing this blog post, the words ‘Transition Temple’ came to me. So here is yet more information coming to me, in titbits!

I am also looking forward to holding temple spaces one to one – not everyone wants to experience temple with a lot of other people around them. I anticipate that, in the near future, an EFT session in my Tapping Temple will be 90 minutes rather than 60 minutes, to include being held in temple space, which I know will deepen your experience.

Watch this space…

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