My first EFT group session in my women’s circle

The Tapping Temple, EFT with Laetitia

The first face-to-face EFT group session I ran was in my and Amanda’s womenโ€™s circle in 2017, in my garden studio.

I have only realised today that the reason it was SO powerful was because we had set up a sacred space for this particular session. All my other face-to-face group sessions after that weren’t as powerful (I don’t think) because I didn’t set up the space with as much presence and intention AND it wasn’t my own space (it was a hall I had hired in Oxford).

It quickly became clear to me that I had to have my OWN space, in my own home. Since there just wasn’t enough space in my garden studio in our home in Oxfordshire and then the pandemic hit and I had all my stuff back in the studio (desk, books, folders, yoga mats, etc.), I completely gave up on the idea.

Until August 2022, when my husband got a new job (after 19 years in the same company!), 1h15mn away, and we decided to move to Wiltshire.

Our quest for a home with a big enough garden to have a yurt or roundhouse started โ€“ a space where I could finally host circles and retreats and my Tapping Temple, as I had dreamed of for 5 years.

We hope we have found it. We will know by the end of April if the house is sound, and then we will keep our fingers crossed that we won’t be in a long chain and that we can move by early August.

Then the plan is that, on Thursday 14th September, I will host my first in-person Tapping Temple in the Transition Temple โ€“ yes, this name came to me upon waking up this morning! That’s what I’m about, transitions, and I realised only this morning that there was an alliteration there too!

Welcome to the Transition Temple!

Since 2008 and becoming a mother, my life has only been about transitions and how to navigate them best. As women and non-binary folk who experience a monthly cycle, this IS what we are about: constant transitions. Except that perhaps as someone with ADHD, I am more prone and more sensitive to transitions…

I hadn’t realised that until I couldn’t bear the ebb and flow of transitions any more โ€“ with the pandemic (the biggest transition to date for me, and probably for most people in earth!) and also with the perimenopause, which started hitting me at the same time. Double whammy! Also with one of my daughters having to stop going to school in 2021 and my husband working from home around about that time too. Total loss of freedom, and then identity ๐Ÿ˜•

I’m only on the other side of this now, and Pluto having moved into Aquarius isn’t a coincidence at all because Pluto in Capricorn really affected me deeply, on top of the major transition into motherhood at the same time Pluto entering Capricorn.

I honestly can see ALLLLL the connections now and it’s mind-blowing!

So with Pluto in Aquarius and our house move, onwards and upwards โ€“ I can finally do what I came here to do! I can see clearly today how the last 15 years were a long and massive Initiation, though, and how all the steps and learnings were necessary to what I’m about to do now.

All of them:

  • having children
  • becoming a birth doula and a postnatal doula
  • learning hypnobirthing for my second birth and then teaching it for many years
  • learning the Closing the Bones massage to help mothers transition from pregnancy to baby (whether it was their first, second or fifth!)
  • healing major childhood wounds with hypnotherapy
  • learning hypnosis and clinical hypnotherapy
  • learning IEMT, EFT, NLP and Reiki
  • meeting Amanda and running 13 Full Moon women’s circles in a year
  • running my own women’s circles and mother-and-daughter circles
  • learning about essential oils and becoming a doTERRA consultant
  • learning money coaching and business coaching and using my knowledge in sacred ways (the money course I take people through is based on SACRED Money Archetypes) (if you want to know what your top 3 archetypes are, take the quiz here)
  • starting to learn shamanic astrology
  • learning Human Design for a whole year (and it’s ongoing, always deepening my knowledge of both astrology and HD!)
  • supporting my husband and daughters in their own transitions
  • learning and practising HeartMath thanks to Helen Fisher
  • learning that my leadership style as a priestess is the Midwife with a sprinkle of the Mystic โ€“ well, of course!
  • and now studying in-depth how to hold temple space, to make my sessions even more potent, whether in person or online, whether 1:1 or in circle

Welcome to my Temple, itโ€™s an honour to have you here.

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