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Hello! I’m Laetitia and I provide you with emotional, practical and spiritual support as you go through life’s transitions – the big and obvious ones, as well as the small and subtle ones.
In my Tapping Temple™, 1:1 sessions and 1:1 4-month programme, I guide you to a life of awareness, freedom and serenity.

Welcome to the Transition Temple!

Laeticia Saveria

I am a Priestess in training and I am delighted that you have found the Transition Temple.

As a clinical hypnotherapist, EFT, NLP, IEMT and Human Design practitioner, energy healer, emotional freedom coach, life coach and money & business coach, and now a Priestess, I offer sacred and deeply transformational sessions around self-awareness, identity and emotional freedom, so that you navigate your current transition as gracefully and peacefully as possible, both face to face near Malmesbury, Wiltshire, and online.

One of my specialisms is supporting neurodivergent (ADHD and/or autistic) mums of neurodivergent girls and non-binary children (I am such a mum myself).

I love helping you free yourself from the challenging emotions and feelings that you are experiencing as you go through a life transition (this can also be in your work or business), through one-off private sessions or in my Tapping Temple (where every week we tap and let go of emotions that prevent us from moving through our transitions gracefully and joyously).

If you want to work with me even more deeply, I can help you determine what your 13 Guiding Lights are and how they can guide you and your decisions in your life and business/work as you go through a transition, in my 4-month programme, Your 13 Guiding Lights

In transitions and at times of deep transformation such as:

  • marriage/long-term partnership
  • motherhood
  • menopause
  • the pandemic (including health implications if you are suffering from long Covid)
  • the Aquarian Age (a time of rebirth and renewal for the better)
  • grief due to the loss of a loved one (including a miscarriage and baby loss)

we tend to lose all sense of identity, or at least part of it.

Aspects of ourselves are shed or need to be shed.

A whole new being is in waiting and it is hard to see her/them through the transition fog, which I also call ‘no man’s land‘: the most excruciating sensation that we experience when we are in the depth of the transition process, don’t know how long it will last and have no clue as to what is on the other side (always something beautiful and amazing, but it never feels like it will be when we’re in no man’s land). I know, because I have gone through many transitions, in life and in my business (find out more about me here).

When others around us (our partner, our children, our parents) are also transforming, it can be even trickier.

When the whole world and planet are shifting around and under us, our very foundations are shaken and can trigger old trauma responses that we thought we had resolved or that we didn’t even know were there.

How do you navigate these transition times?!

Well, you can wait and hope and wait some more for some magical solutions or for it all to go away (in my experience, the emotions and feelings that come up during the transitions do not go away, unfortunately…).

Or you can ask a Transition Guide such as myself to support you.

I have specific ways that I help women and non-binary folk through their life and career/business transitions.

Let’s face it, patriarchy, trauma and neurodivergence have NOT helped us be focused on US and who we really are, especially at times of transition.

Think about it: how did your parents/carers help you navigate menarche (your first period), teenagehood, romantic relationships, early signs of sexuality, marriage, your first baby?

In our society, we are just not used to being helped meaningfully on all levels – mind, body, emotions, spirit and soul.

This is what is seriously lacking here in the West and I am passionate about including it all in my sessions and programmes.

I use a combination of:

* Setting up sacred space

* Archetypes (Sacred Money Archetypes®, Branding Archetypes if they have their own business too, astrological archetypes)

* Human Design

* intuitive guidance

* emotional release

* coaching

* reprogramming of unconscious or conscious beliefs

* visualisations, visions and journeys

* exploring what makes you tick (including your values)

and many more tools and techniques!

Are you ready to accelerate your transition? To get to the other side faster so you can be and do what you are meant to be and do next?

If you’re anything like I was, you constantly feel like time is running out and you really should ‘get going’, but you don’t know how, and your sense of direction and purpose has been lost along with your sense of identity.

So perhaps now is the time?

Karen – transition to online offerings

Laetitia offers such a personal service. There is no one-size-fits-all about it. The first part of her sessions, she digs so deep with you into the feeling or emotion that you are having, which is nearly always an irrational one for me, to find out exactly what it is that you need to be working on; it is so precise and specific.

By the end of each of my sessions with Laetitia, I felt incredibly eased, like a weight had lifted from my shoulders and I was able to move forward in my life and business, feeling entirely different, so positive. 

She has such a unique way of doing things, and really thinks outside the box. She’s such a lovely person, so amazing to work with, I recommend her to everybody.

Thank you so much, Laetitia, you’re an absolute superstar.

Joyous Journeys

Olivia – transition during and after university

Laetitia ultimately changed the way I view myself. She provided me with organisation tools to minimise my tendency to procrastinate and taught me Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), which reinforced my own positive affirmations. EFT has by far and away been the most effective tool for reducing the intensity of my anxiety attacks and I feel so much better equipped to deal with them now. After my sessions with Laetitia, I feel like I can do anything, I love who I am and I cannot thank her enough. Laetitia’s wisdom and guidance is the best thing I have ever invested in and I highly recommend working with her.

The Tapping Temple

I can help you with


Time & space freedom


Procrastination & organisation






Money mindset









Ways to work with me (online)

Book your Transition Session

A 90-minute session set up in sacred space to allow you to explore the main issue that is bothering you in your current transition and release the emotions and feelings that are coming up as a result, thanks to tapping/EFT.

Tapping helps you let go of challenging emotions/feelings, have a calmer & clearer mind, feel more in control, and know what you want.

Book your Trauma Session

A 90-minute session that will help you identify the feelings and emotions that lie underneath the traumatic response you’re experiencing and to release them by disassociating them from the event(s) thanks to a very powerful technique called Integral Eye Movement Therapy (IEMT).

Book your Tapping Temple™ session

A 90-minute group EFT online session set up in sacred space to allow you to explore the main issue that is bothering you in your current transition and release the emotions and feelings that are coming up as a result, thanks to tapping/EFT. Click here for more information about the Tapping Temple™.

Book your Connection Call

Explore what your requirements are, see if we would be a good fit and, if you’re interested, find out more about my ‘Your 13 Guiding Lights’ programme.

Find out more about my 4-month ‘Your 13 Guiding Lights’ programme

Want to get started on your 13 Guiding Lights journey?

Find out what your top 3 Sacred Money Archetypes are by taking the quiz below

(it’s a test about money, but really, it’s about who you are, because the way you do money is the way you do everything)

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