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Hello! I’m Laetitia and I support mothers after a traumatic birth and during the transition to motherhood

Whether you have just had your baby or whether your birth happened weeks, months or even years ago, birth trauma means that you had a birth that didn’t go acccording to plan, where you didn’t feel in control, where you didn’t make all the decisions and where you felt disempowered as a result.

It doesn’t have to have been a life-or-death situation to be classed as ‘traumatic’.

And only YOU can judge whether it was traumatic for you (and potentially your husband/partner) or not, and if you would like support with the emotions and feelings resulting from your experiences.

Of course, if it was a matter of life or death, for you or/and your baby, then it was traumatic for sure, objectively as well as subjectively.

If you:

  • are now suffering from anxiety, stress or overwhelm
  • have flashbacks about the birth
  • worry about your baby or yourself
  • worry about your sanity
  • worry you’re going to bother people for nothing if you talk about your birth
  • feel you can’t cope with your baby, or only just

then it is likely you are suffering from birth trauma, or even possibly PTSD (Post-traumatic Stress Disorder), and perhaps trauma from previous experiences (unrelated to your pregnancy or birth).

If you want these symptoms to stop (at least lessen a lot), I can help.

Laetitia Saveria

As your Motherhood Mentor, I provide you with emotional, practical and spiritual support in my solution-specific private sessions to help you with the challenges you are experiencing following the birth of your baby(ies).

My superpower is guiding mothers to a life of awareness, freedom, serenity and creativity.

As a clinical hypnotherapist, EFT, NLP and IEMT practitioner, energy healer, emotional freedom mentor and life & business coach, I offer deeply transformational private sessions, so that you navigate your current challenges as gracefully and peacefully as possible.

I love helping you free yourself from the challenging situations, emotions and feelings that you experience in your life, through in-depth, bespoke private sessions.

If you need more than one session, I will offer you a 3-month programme called Feel the Freedom after your initial session. You can check it out here if you already know you want more than one session.

Private sessions

Contact me for a one-off session (or several) to address:

  • anxiety
  • stress
  • overwhelm
  • identity issues
  • your organisational dilemmas as a new mother
  • a block (energetic, mental, emotional, spiritual) in your life (even if you don’t know what that is yet)

I offer 60-minute sessions for one or several of the above, using EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) (aka ‘tapping’), coaching and energy healing.

Contact me for a one-off session (or several) to address:

  • birth trauma (no matter how long ago your birth was)
  • trauma in general (maybe from a recent incident or from childhood events), including PTSD

I offer 90-minute sessions for both of the above, using IEMT (Integral Eye Movement Therapy).

Last night I had the most amazing, beautiful, realising session with Laetitia, in which we looked at my first son’s birth and everything surrounding it. She helped me to see that I wasn’t angry about the fact I had a C-section but I was angry that I felt disempowered by the people who were meant to be taking care of mine and my son’s life. I felt I wasn’t given any choice in my birth and that the decision was taken away from me. I was angry. I wasn’t affected by the surgery itself but it was the mental health impact that it had on me afterwards. I felt useless, scared, sad, frustrated and in a world of agony. I was sad I didn’t get the birth I had planned. I was scared I would hurt myself or my son because I couldn’t stand or walk properly. I was frustrated I couldn’t take care of my son the way I wanted to. And I just wanted to heal and for the pain to go away so I could enjoy being a mum! All of this, combined with after-birth hormones, the fact I felt abandoned and unsupported by the health visitors and the fact my son wouldn’t feed properly and would scream as if he was in agony, resulted in severe PND (postnatal depression).

Laetitia has helped me to free myself from the anger and sadness that was holding me back and she has helped to prepare me for the upcoming birth of my second son. I am a good mum. I am a strong woman and I feel empowered by the whole experience now ♥️ 

Thank you Laetitia for helping me to move forward and to see that it was all part of my journey and that my heart is now filled with gratitude for the experience as opposed to anger.

Nichola Drew, Dunstable

My own experiences of birth and early motherhood

I didn’t find my first birth and early motherhood particularly easeful. 15 years and two children on, I am still passionate about pregnancy, birth and early motherhood, because it has shaped me and my life in so many impactful meaningful ways (mostly positive!) and I KNOW the power of being supported at birth and just after. I wasn’t supported at all (apart from my husband, thankfully) for my first birth and my early motherhood, but I was during my second pregnancy with hypnobirthing (I trained as a hypnobirthing teacher when I was 5 months pregnant, in 2012!), a birth doula and a postnatal doula. The difference this made was astounding.

I trained as a birth and postnatal doula the year before I was pregnant with my second baby (in 2011), and started attending births and supporting new mothers in 2011, 7 months after having had said baby.

So I really know how life-changing support at birth and beyond is, from both sides of the mirror.

I trained as a birth trauma specialist, clinical hypnotherapist and NLP and EFT practitioner in 2014 and have helped women in many ways since then, adding money and business coaching to my toolbox, as all areas of our lives are linked and I wanted my approach to supporting women to be as holistic as possible (I even help them write their books, as a ‘holistic book doula’, having been an editor and proofreader since 2000!)

How do I work?

I am an intuitive, empathetic, patient, kind and open-hearted woman (she/her) who is here to provide you with a nurturing space for you to explore your emotional issues around your child’s/children’s birth and your months and years of early motherhood and resolve them, along with the trauma that no doubt triggered them.

I don’t heal you – you heal yourself, with the techniques I use and the safe space I provide.

I go deeply into whatever is happening (your emotions, your feelings, your practical issues – I leave no stone unturned) and together we can solve whatever is in the way of you moving forward in your life.

Thanks to my intuition and quick thinking, I can help you with pretty much anything (if I can’t, I’ll know who to direct you to thanks to my extensive network).

It’s important for you to know that when it comes to birth trauma, especially if it’s fairly recent, you do NOT have to tell me the whole story or give me all the details. You could even tell me nothing, as long as you are willing to just tell me the emotion or feeling you’re feeling right now in our session. That is all I need. As the session carries on, you may find it easier to say a few things, whatever comes to mind, and it is surprising the links you may make, all by yourself, even without saying much.

Please do not let ‘having to talk about it’ come in the way of your birth-trauma healing.

If we work together, I will take you on the most Joyous Journey you have ever experienced (as unlikely as this may sound given how you are currently feeling)

from stress to serenity
from chaos to clarity
from complexity to simplicity
from uncertainty to certainty
from doubt to joy
and all with fun, grace and depth.

Are you ready to receive help with the trauma you may have experienced and with your mental wellness?

To support you emotionally, spiritually and practically, I use a combination of:

* reprogramming of unconscious or conscious beliefs (thanks to EFT, IEMT, NLP or/and hypnotherapy)*

* intuitive guidance

* emotional release

* coaching (life, money, business)

* visualisations, visions and journeys

* exploring what makes you tick (including your values)

and many more tools and techniques!

Are you ready to receive my support, so you can move forward in your life as a mother?

To get to the other side faster so you can be the mum you want to be and your children deserve?

Karen Bramall

Laetitia offers such a personal service. There is no one-size-fits-all about it. The first part of her sessions, she digs so deep with you into the feeling or emotion that you are having, which is nearly always an irrational one for me, to find out exactly what it is that you need to be working on; it is so precise and specific.

By the end of each of my sessions with Laetitia, I felt incredibly eased, like a weight had lifted from my shoulders and I was able to move forward in my life and business, feeling entirely different, so positive. 

She has such a unique way of doing things, and really thinks outside the box. She’s such a lovely person, so amazing to work with, I recommend her to everybody.

Thank you so much, Laetitia, you’re an absolute superstar.

Joyous Journeys

Kate M.

I cannot recommend Laetitia highly enough. I signed up to work with her because I felt that I had become stuck with the same difficulties, reacting in the same way and never making the changes I wanted to. I was lacking confidence, having difficulties making decisions and not feeling great about myself.

Over the course of my sessions with Laetitia, that has all changed.

Laetitia is very easy to talk to and very good at helping you understand what the problem is. The techniques she uses are extremely practical and useful. Because they worked, I used them. 

Laetitia has a huge number of different resources and techniques to help unlock your potential. I feel that I now have an inner confidence that was lacking before and I’m keen to get out and explore the world, one of my biggest dreams for a very long time.

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